How it works

It takes just 2 steps.

Step 1:

Click on the "Add" button and browse for a folder you want to hide.
Repeat this step to add more folders.

Select folders

Step 2:

Select the checkboxes for the folders you wish to hide and click the "Hide" button.
You're done!





*After clicking the "Hide" button, the folders selected have completely disappeared and are now protected from view.

Other Information

Lock and Hide Folder Options Window

For added privacy you may delete Lock and Hide Folder shortcut icon from the Windows start menu and allow the installation process to remove traces of the software from Add/Remove programs in Control Panel. That way no one will know you're using Lock and Hide Folder. You should also turn on password protection in "Options" so that when a user launches Lock and Hide Folder it will prompt them for a password that only you know. If you do setup a password, we strongly suggest you write down your password and keep it in a safe place.

Using Lock and Hide Folder Shortcut Keys

If activated in "Options" menu, you can run Lock and Hide Folder in "Stealth Mode" and quickly hide and show your folders by using shortcut keys (pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+S to show folders and CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+H to hide them). If you setup a password in the Options menu, you will be prompted to enter your password each time you use the Show All Folders Hotkey. Thus, if the user does not know the password, the folder will remain locked and hidden from view.

What happens if Lock and Hide Folder is removed?

Lock and Hide Folder does not need to be running in order for your folders to remain hidden from view. If a user removes (uninstalls) Lock and Hide Folder from your computer, any folders you had hidden will remain hidden, locked, and encrypted. The only way to retrieve those folders again is by knowing the names of the hidden folders.

Download Lock and Hide Folder
Download Lock and Hide Folder